Sunday, 28 December 2014

Five December Favourites

Hello again!
As promised I am posting on a Sunday, and from now on that will be the day I post, -every Sunday, so keep your eyes open for my Sunday blog posts everyone! Anyway this is what I have been loving this month, be sure to let me know if you have tried any of these in the comments. :)

 So firstly, I am so in love with this pallete! I know that it looks so simple but to a makeup enthusiast this is beautiful! I have been using this pallete so much lately,
 the colours are so pigmented and blend so well to create a perfect smokey eye, 
and because the shades are fairly matt they are very wearable, and 100% worth the purchase.
I have sort of cheated a little bit here in saying that this is one favourite, because I am also loving the Real Techniques eye brushes, the quality of these brushes for the price is amazing, and they are perfect for buffing in and smoking out the two darkest shades in the pallete, 
well done Sam and Nic!

My next favourite is Hair Ties, For the girls that always have a hair bobble on their wrist,- here is a way for that to look cute! Mine are from Top shop but you can get them online and in a lot of shops in the UK. These were originally an American thing but about a year ago they were released in the UK, and I have been loving them since! Basically they are a very Cute and pretty little version of a basic hair bobble, but they do have benefits on your basic bobble, one of which being the fact that they don't leave a kink in your hair, brilliant for those of us that straighten ours!

Next is a combination of the Rimmel 'Wake me up' and the Soap and Glory 'Kick ass' concealers, I love the coverage of the Soap and Glory and I love the radiance of the Rimmel, and this combination is so perfect that I haven't been using foundation for the past month, meaning better skin!

This is my 'One Line A Day Book' a five year one line a day diary, I purchased this in May but wanted to wait until the new year to use it, and though I'm yet to start, I am SO looking forward to trying this in the new year! I will have to keep to it, this book is just too pretty not to use!

Um, I really have no explanation for the last one, I've been eating so much Jelly over the last month..I just really like Jelly?

That concludes my Five monthly Faves for December, be sure to let me know if we have any in common! And remember I'm blogging every Sunday! Hope you all had the best Christmas, and have a prosperous New Year <3

Carris x

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Whats In My Bag? (Winter Edition)

So this is my gorgeous mini satchel from River Island, I got it back in May as a birthday present from some of my lovely friends, so i'm not sure how much it was and if they still stock it but i'm so in love with it! I love how tiny it is but looking at these pictures it fits so much inside it! The bag is textured black with gold fastenings, a gold chain and River Island plaque. It features a front pocket and a small inside pocket with a zip.

In the very front pocket, I keep my Phone, the white iPhone 4s, and my earphones, I like to keep my phone in some kind of case because though most of the time I have my phone in my hand, when I do keep it in my bag I find that the screen scratches very easily, this case is from Jack wills.

The next thing in my bag is the beautiful Cath Kidston purse, inside it just has a zip coin section and some card storage, other than money and cards, in my purse I have a bus pass, my key, a trusty Strawberry Chapstick, and some bobby pins with a hair tie.(which by the way I am loving!)

I then have a small notepad from Asda last year with a Jeweled pen, and then just some essentials, -Rimmel wake me up concealer, clear nail polish for laddered tights and usually the lip colour that I am wearing on the day, this one happened to be the Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Chunky Cherry'.

Thankyou for reading :) I'm looking to check out some more blogs so comment yours below and i'll have a look, I'll be posting again next Sunday so I shall see you then!
Carris x

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hello again,-yes, I am still alive!
I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but i've just started sixth form and I really haven't had much time, also, as you know, I wont post unless I really want to because I don't want to post anything half-heartedly. 
Moving on, -lets get to the point, Yes, I really did get all of this for free! I know its hard to believe that in this day and age, Freebies are still around, but trust me they are -if you know where to look.
As i've said before, I am a makeup addict, and trust me, that is not a cheap addiction! I was sure there was a way that I could get some kind of money off, and I found quite a selection of free products online. There are no scams here,-I wouldn't do that to all of you lovely people, but just a word of warning, with all the generosity of some of these companies, there are bound to be frauds out there too, don't give away any card details. I didn't have to use my card for any of these things, so it is likely that they wont be free if they are asking about card details! 
There are a few different ways that I used, but here is how I got them:

1. Freebie websites
I think my most used website was probably Super Savvy Me, 
This website is where I got most of mine, the website shows a collection of freebies that are currently available, and you can click on the pictures and fill in a short form to order a freebie.

2. Company Websites
One of the most obvious ways is to check websites, Often you can click 
somewhere to request a sample, here are just a few:

3. Magazines
Subscribe to magazines! They often give out free make up samples, Places like ASOS have free magazines, which is where my 'Treseme' samples are from, however 'Company' can be quite generous too.

4.Facebook Pages
Nivea, and Aveeno offer free samples for likers, after filling out a short form.

5. Lastly, Email
Emailing companies using email adresses found on their websites is easy and they are often more than willing to send you samples. I requested Samples from Lil-Lets, and the lovely Vicky very kindly sent me two full sized boxes, free of charge, how generous!

And that concludes how you can get free samples! Its pretty simple I think! Let me know if you give it a go, its definitely worth a try. Thanks for reading :)

Carris x

Friday, 15 August 2014

A Girly Sleepover With Charley

Sorry for the lack of posts, as you know I've been on holiday to Tunisia for just under two weeks, and have just got back a few days ago. For everyone asking when I am going to do 'The Liebster Award'  I appreciate all the nominations and I will get round to doing it hopefully quite soon, but as I have just done 'The Summer Tag' I didn't want to do it just yet as I like to have a variety of posts on my blog and I didn't want to do two tags in a row.
I just wanted to clarify that the reason my posts do not go up on a timetable, is because I only post when I have something I really want to blog about, I don't want to do any blog posts half- heartedly as I feel like they wont be very interesting and I wont have written my best, though I do try to post fairly consistently. Sorry for this little 'rant' if you will, just wanted to clear that up.
Moving swiftly on, here are a few snaps from a sleepover with one of my best friends Charley, I just thought that I would show you what our pamper evening consisted of and what we did, obviously we don't always do this at sleepovers, but as we were messing around and taking pics anyway, I just thought 'Why not share them?!' So here we go :)

Random Selfiiiieeeeeeeee

Facemasks are just a MUST for sleepovers! This is the 'Love lettuce' one from Lush, It smells really nice like lavender, and feels like it really exfoliates your face because you can feel the lavender in the mask.

Night time skincare, I always enjoy trying out other peoples products when I'm at their house.

My favourite would have to be the tea tree products, they definitely do a great job for your skin, especially if you have spots or blemishes, however I personally am not keen on the smell of tea tree, but I'm definitely going to be Checking in the body shop to see if they have any other smells,

Charley cleansing and toning :)

Foot Spa time!

(We just used a 'simple' bubble bath for the bubbles)

Painting our Tooottsieeessssss


After this we just watched Films in bed and Chatted/Gossiped!
Thankyou for reading, be sure to let me know what your sleepovers consist of! 

Carris x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Summer Tag!

Hello again everyone, I have decided to do a last minute post tonight because after this one I wont be able to post for two weeks or so as I go on holiday to Tunisia tomorrow morning. I have never actually been before and I don't know much about it really, but I'm going with my family so i'm sure it will be great fun, let me know what its like if you have been before!

I wasn't actually tagged by anyone but I wanted to try a Tag post, so after searching on Pinterest, I thought that this would be a nice Summery Positive post to leave you with, so here goes!

What is your favourite thing about Summer?
Sun!! Now I can't lie, I'm not a massive fan of the heat when its in the UK as we don't really have outdoor pools and air conditioning to cool us down, but the sun allows you to get out and about so much more than the usual rainy British weather!

Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
This is such an easy question for me, anyone that knows me will know that my favourite drink all year round is squash! I know,  I know, You were expecting something funky or alcoholic, but nope, I love nothing more than an ice cold glass of Robinsons Summer Fruits squash! Alternatively I'm loving flavoured teas at the moment, Forrest fruits and tropical especially.

Is there a particular location you like to go to each Summer?
Not really, nowhere specific, we usually holiday in somewhere warm and sunny, Spain, Majorca, Ibiza, Greece, anywhere hot and with a nice beach really!

Favourite makeup look for Summer?
As minimal as possible if I'm honest, after all, who can be bothered with Sitting down to do makeup all morning in this weather? Not me! Prime, BB cream, Concealer, Powder, Blush, One colour of eyeshadow, Mascara, Lippy, DONE! (wow that sounds a lot now!)

Dresses or Skirts?
Dresses! I wear dresses all year round, although I do have a fair few skirts this year.

Sandals or Ballet Pumps?
Sandals, no question about it!

Smokey Eyes or Bold Lips?
It has to be bold lips for me in summer, I'm Loving oranges this year, my fave is the 'Revlon Lip Butte'r in 'Tutti-Fruity'.

Do you wear your hair up or down more often in Summer?
Probably about the same actually, Maybe up?

Favourite Perfume for Summer?
Victoria Secret - Love Spell

Last but not least, Favourite Summer song?
I'm loving all of Ed Sheerans new album 'x' especially 'Runaway' and 'dont', but I also love
 Katie Sky - Paradise.

And thats it! Hope you enjoyed reading, I tag:

 And anyone else that wants to do this tag! I really enjoyed doing this so definitely give it a try,
 Enjoy your holidays!

Carris x

Monday, 21 July 2014

A Day At The Beach

Hello again, It feels as if its been quite a while since my last post, but I suppose not.
I always like being nosy and looking through other peoples interesting trips and experiences, so I thought that I would share my little spur- of - the - moment trip to Skegness beach.

Its been a long time since I last went to a beach in the UK, and the decision was a little random if i'm honest, I just really fancied a change of scenery! After scouring the internet for a day trip coach deal to the beach, I came across a 'Harry Shaw' coach deal that would cost just £30 return, leaving from a bus station near me, directly to Skegness beach. I hadn't really thought the whole thing through, and I just didn't expect it to actually happen, but after a long phone call to one of my best friends Asia, she agreed to join me, and we booked the trip for just two days away. (which was now last Sunday.)

So, This was it! We were going to Skegness! It seemed like a bit of an adventure really, Just me and Asia going on our own, We had never done anything like this on our own before, but I'm kind of trying this new thing where I say 'yes' to all opportunities, so this seemed like a good time to put this into practice, and I can honestly say, i'm so glad I went!

Here are some photos from our trip, Even though the weather wasn't the sunniest,
 it was quite warm, and still a great day! (Brace yourselves for some horrendous selfies)

(Dress-Topshop, Jacket-Bay)


How pretty are these shells that we found on the beach? There were loads :)

Not sure quite what i'm doing in this one, but funny all the same :D

Skegness Pier

Skegness beach is soooo long!

You will have to excuse the mad hair, -It had just rained and the sea/ Beach air made my hair go crazy!

I wasn't aware that this photo was taken!

Asia looking B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

Wow, I have no explanation for this one :o

'Pleasure Beach'


Asia again :)

Idyllic, don't you agree?

As horrific as some of these selfies are, I feel like they truly show how happy this day made me, and I'm always going to love looking back on these pictures and remembering the happiness and the positivity that  the whole day brought. This day reminded me of how much a change of scenery now and again is necessary, and I hope that this encourages everyone reading to say 'yes' to positive opportunities, and to remember to appreciate the little things in life, because they really do add up. :)

Carris x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Nail Art...That Everyone Can Do!

Hello again! Having broke up from school already, I've found myself with a lot more time than i'm use to, meaning that sometimes I can be very bored. After seeing numerous tweets about my friends getting their nails done, I decided that I would paint my nails. I wanted my nails to look like I'd had them done, however I wasn't willing to splash the cash on nail art that was just going to last a couple of days, So I came to the compromise of doing them myself, but using 'nail gelly' by Barry M in hope that it would last longer. So here are my pink and green 'Pinterest Inspired' nails!

I used a pink Barry M gelly in the colour 'Rose Hip'  and a mint green colour called 'Sugar Apple', but you could obviously use any colour, and whatever polish you like. These nails could also look really nice in three colours.

The first thing that I did was paint two coats of the pink colour on each nail, except the one next to my thumb nail, which I painted in the mint green colour.

When they had all dried, I painted three stripes of the mint green colour across my thumb nail, I didn't intend for them to be this thick, however the brush that comes with this polish is quite thick, so thick stripes were the result. I was fairly pleased with them so Just left them as they were, however you could go over any mistakes of things you were not keen on with the pink polish to cancel out the green.

I just left the next nail as it was,- Mint green coloured, but you could do something funky with it! :)

The next nail is probably the most complicated- but still pretty simple. You will need a normal pin, and a pencil with a rubber on the end. Simply push the pin into the rubber on the top of the pencil, but leave about 1mm sticking out. The flat head on the top of the pin will now be sticking out of the rubber on the pencil, and will make the perfect stamp for polka- dots on your nail! Holding the pencil, dip the head of the pin into the polish and dot it onto the nail, it should stamp right on. :)

For the next nail, I really simply swiped the Green polish across my nail on a diagonal, and then  filled in half of it as you would if you were normally painting your nails.

For the last one, I simply painted a swipe of green polish across the top of my nail, - like a french tip, and then I did the same with the other hand, and voila! An easy set of very Pinterest nails!  Trust me, if I can do them, You can do them too!

Carris x

Monday, 14 July 2014

20 Facts About Me!

20 random facts about me, Just so you can get to know me better! You can leave me a fact about yourself in the comments below if you like! :)

1. I love all types of music: i literally love all kinds of music, all genres, all artists, whatever! I have the most random taste in music ever and it often surprises people!

2. As much as I love the idea of a bath, I can never stay in it for more than 5 minutes,-I get so bored!

3. My hair is naturally medium brown and very VERY curly!

4. My all time favourite album is 'Inside In The Inside Out' by The Kooks

5. Although I love the beach, I actually have a massive fear of seaweed, I wont go in the sea if there is more than a little bit of it in there, its so tangley and horrible!

6. My favourite holiday destination is Greece or Majorca

7. I hate trying new food, and I hate eating infront of people, I dont eat a wide variety of different foods, and to be honest I just see eating as a hassle really! (obviously i'm trying to change this!)

8. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would choose Italy

9. I really randomly get cravings for pizza

10. My best friend has the same name that I was nearly given!

11. I have 2 piercings in each ear

12. I'm a really quiet person if I am not comfortable in the situation

13. I'm allergic to kiwi

14. I get nervous about everything, I will worry when its totally unnecessary

15. The only exersizes that I actually enjoy doing are yoga and running 

16. I am sooooo paranoid about so many silly things

17. Although I hate seaweed, I looooove the beach!

18. I have 2 older sisters, no brothers and no younger siblings

19. At one point my family had over 30 fish at once!

20. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do in the future, but that's okay!

Thats it! 20 facts about me! Let me know if any of them are the same for you, i'll be sure to post again soon.

Carris x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Summer Shoe Collection

This blog post is a little bit different to what I intended to be posting, but I just wanted to post something summer themed, and for some reason, shoes came to mind! So I'm going to show you my summer shoe collection! Some of these shoes are not new but I just thought that I might aswell include them anyway, so here goes!

Day time
So, it's pretty obvious that these are just a pair of flip flops, but everyone needs flip flops, right?

I actually got these little white toe-posts last year, but I've seen some very similar in newlook.
Newlook (last year, around £15)

I actually wear these slip ons all year round! They're so versatile! 

I love the little gold heel on these, and the shiny finish, they are suprisingly hard wearing, they have survived their fair share of rain!!
Asda-(around £12)

So maybe not the most summery of shoes, but definitely a must for those not-so-sunny days! 
Peppermint Converse-£40

These sandals are actually 2 years old! Oops :o but they have lasted so well!
 I really love them but I have no idea where they came from, sorry!

Now, I know these aren't for everyone, but I personally love them! I don't usually experiment
with fashion much but these are only shoes so I figured I could give them a try.
I'm definitely going to be taking them on my holiday! 

Night time/formal

I think these little shoes are adorable! I feel like the pattern and colour makes them look a little retro,-perhaps 60's? They're so comfortable and I'm in love with them!
H&m sale-£15

These wedges are simple and elegant, I love that they go with almost everything!
Newlook- (just under £20 I think)

I love these little heels! They always remind me of the 50's paired with a little fit and flare dress, I think they're so cute and a must have for day and night. The block heel means they're so comfy and easy to wear!
Newlook teens- £25

Hope you liked this post, hopefully I'll post again soon
Carris x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Baking Cake Pops!

So, I'm posting again even sooner than I expected! I had some free time and so I decided to do some baking, but I wanted to make something that I've never tried before, so I thought I'd have a go at cake pops! After spending ages searching online for a decent (and not weird sounding) recipe, I decided that I may aswell just make one up. I didn't want to use a recipe with any odd ingredients that I hadn't used before and I didn't want my ingredients to be difficult to get hold of either.

To make my cake pops I used 125g of margarine, caster sugar and self raising flour, 2 medium eggs and about a teaspoon of vanilla essence/extract. I got all of my ingredients from asda apart from the candy melts that I used to decorate, which I got from hobbycraft. I also brought a silicone cake pop mould and some sticks from hobbycraft too.

The first thing I did was wash my hands and then put the margarine and caster sugar in a bowl and cream them together until smooth. I then added the two eggs and continued to mix. 

The next thing I did was sift in the flour and continue to mix, I didn't use an electric whisk or mixer because my mixture was already smooth enough but you could use one if you preferred. I then added in the vanilla essence and mixed together before using a teaspoon to transfer the mix into the cakepop mould.

I cooked the cake pops in the oven at 180•c for about 30 mins, I initially thought that they would take less time than this so I kept checking every 10 minutes or so, lifting the lid of the mould.

When the cake pops were out of the oven I left them to cool and melted a large bag of pink candy melts in the microwave as instructed on the back of the packet. I then dipped the cake pop sticks in the candy melts and then pushed them into the cake pops so that the sticks would hold them. I also added about two table spoons of vegetable oil to the candy melts to thin it out before I swirled each cake pop around in the candy melts and left them to set standing in a polystyrene ring.(also from hobbycraft.) 

I can honestly say that I will be making these again very soon as they are absolutely delicious and so easy to take out because they are not at all messy to eat! If you are considering making these then definitely have a go at them, they are my new favourites! 

Carris x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hi! My name's Carris x

Hey, welcome to my fabulous blog!
It only seemed right that my first blog post would be about myself, so here goes.
My name is Carris Chambers, and i'm 16 years old, I love all things beauty and fashion related and often spend (too much) of my money on makeup and hair, A lot of my friends come to me for advice on hair and makeup or ask me to show them how I do some of my crazy hairstyles, and a couple of people I know have suggested that I make a youtube channel, but unfortunately I just feel that I don't really have the confidence to do that at the moment, so for now I will just share my opinions and ideas through this blog. :)

  Some of my hobbies include baking, shopping, upcycling my clothes, reading and spending time with my fabulous friends, although I struggle to find time for alot of these things, which is something i'm trying to work on! I also used to love dancing until I quit last year due to being too overwhelmed by the pressure exams put on me, ( Having finished them now, I realise that I was putting myself under far more pressure than necessary.) I actually really regret quiting dancing because I feel like I can't really go back now, and it means I do a little bit less exersize too.

I decided that this year I would spend my free time writing a blog instead of wasting my summer as I usually do, or getting a job (which i am avoiding at all costs). The point in my blog is basically for me to have somewhere to go to talk about my opinions and views on beauty products and other things that i'm interested in, however, I would also like for my blog to be somewhere that I can talk about my self, and share my experiences with other people. I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs and have a keen interest in writing, so this blog should be something that I enjoy doing, and hopefully something that you enjoy reading! It would also help me very much if you could comment something that you would like me to review or talk about.

Thankyou for taking the time out of your (probably very busy) lives to read my little post, and keep checking because i'm sure i'll post again very soon :) 

Carris x