Thursday, 26 June 2014

Baking Cake Pops!

So, I'm posting again even sooner than I expected! I had some free time and so I decided to do some baking, but I wanted to make something that I've never tried before, so I thought I'd have a go at cake pops! After spending ages searching online for a decent (and not weird sounding) recipe, I decided that I may aswell just make one up. I didn't want to use a recipe with any odd ingredients that I hadn't used before and I didn't want my ingredients to be difficult to get hold of either.

To make my cake pops I used 125g of margarine, caster sugar and self raising flour, 2 medium eggs and about a teaspoon of vanilla essence/extract. I got all of my ingredients from asda apart from the candy melts that I used to decorate, which I got from hobbycraft. I also brought a silicone cake pop mould and some sticks from hobbycraft too.

The first thing I did was wash my hands and then put the margarine and caster sugar in a bowl and cream them together until smooth. I then added the two eggs and continued to mix. 

The next thing I did was sift in the flour and continue to mix, I didn't use an electric whisk or mixer because my mixture was already smooth enough but you could use one if you preferred. I then added in the vanilla essence and mixed together before using a teaspoon to transfer the mix into the cakepop mould.

I cooked the cake pops in the oven at 180•c for about 30 mins, I initially thought that they would take less time than this so I kept checking every 10 minutes or so, lifting the lid of the mould.

When the cake pops were out of the oven I left them to cool and melted a large bag of pink candy melts in the microwave as instructed on the back of the packet. I then dipped the cake pop sticks in the candy melts and then pushed them into the cake pops so that the sticks would hold them. I also added about two table spoons of vegetable oil to the candy melts to thin it out before I swirled each cake pop around in the candy melts and left them to set standing in a polystyrene ring.(also from hobbycraft.) 

I can honestly say that I will be making these again very soon as they are absolutely delicious and so easy to take out because they are not at all messy to eat! If you are considering making these then definitely have a go at them, they are my new favourites! 

Carris x


  1. Yum! Those look so delicious!

    Dahlia xox


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