Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Summer Shoe Collection

This blog post is a little bit different to what I intended to be posting, but I just wanted to post something summer themed, and for some reason, shoes came to mind! So I'm going to show you my summer shoe collection! Some of these shoes are not new but I just thought that I might aswell include them anyway, so here goes!

Day time
So, it's pretty obvious that these are just a pair of flip flops, but everyone needs flip flops, right?

I actually got these little white toe-posts last year, but I've seen some very similar in newlook.
Newlook (last year, around £15)

I actually wear these slip ons all year round! They're so versatile! 

I love the little gold heel on these, and the shiny finish, they are suprisingly hard wearing, they have survived their fair share of rain!!
Asda-(around £12)

So maybe not the most summery of shoes, but definitely a must for those not-so-sunny days! 
Peppermint Converse-£40

These sandals are actually 2 years old! Oops :o but they have lasted so well!
 I really love them but I have no idea where they came from, sorry!

Now, I know these aren't for everyone, but I personally love them! I don't usually experiment
with fashion much but these are only shoes so I figured I could give them a try.
I'm definitely going to be taking them on my holiday! 

Night time/formal

I think these little shoes are adorable! I feel like the pattern and colour makes them look a little retro,-perhaps 60's? They're so comfortable and I'm in love with them!
H&m sale-£15

These wedges are simple and elegant, I love that they go with almost everything!
Newlook- (just under £20 I think)

I love these little heels! They always remind me of the 50's paired with a little fit and flare dress, I think they're so cute and a must have for day and night. The block heel means they're so comfy and easy to wear!
Newlook teens- £25

Hope you liked this post, hopefully I'll post again soon
Carris x


  1. Hey, I saw your comment on Zoella's blog, and I thought I'll just take a look. I really like this post and especially those last grey and pink shoes! So 1950's indeed!
    I just started a blog as well, please check it out! xxxx

    1. Thankyou so so much! lovely blog too, i left you a comment :) xxxx

  2. I absolutely love the jellies! I have some exactly like that in coral! They're not from primary, but the brand Ju Ju jelly! Beautiful blog

  3. They're so cute, i love them! And yes i looked at the ju ju jellys, they're really nice too, i went for the cheap option! ;) x

  4. Lovely shoes! You have a great range and I'm sure you can find something in your collection to go with everything!

    http://www.foodfashfit.com / Read my latest post here!

  5. I definitely believe at least one pair of converse is necessary in everyone's collection! Also, are the jellies comfortable? I'm really on-edge about getting them.


    1. Agreed! Yes actually, they are, maybe try them but dont splash out on branded ones if you're not sure xx

  6. It didn't want to show your pics :( such a pity was looking forward to seeing what they look like.


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