Monday, 26 January 2015

Casual Favourites

Very short *cough* and late post today, Its 11:21 and I have nothing planned but I just wanted to share with you some things that I have been enjoying, a sort of weird favourites, -if you will.

1. My 'One Line A Day' book - I spoke about this previously and expressed my excitement to start it and I'm enjoying it so much! It can be a little inconvenient to find the time daily but having nearly completed a month, it is so lovely to be able to look back on what I did, or how I felt on each day, even if I did nothing. I find that it really helps to find the best in every day when you are documenting it somewhere.

2. Smiling and appreciating- A simple one but lets be honest, it is so easy to get caught up in our own hectic lives and we don't always stop and look around us, Smiling really does make you feel good, and it's contagious, you have the power to influence a persons day, -use it! As for appreciating, do you ever hear a song that really makes you reflect on your life and just somehow connects with you? I am an easily stressed and sometimes very worried person, but I do realise that I have it pretty easy, I have the best friends in the world and I have amazing opportunities that are not open to everyone, I'm not saying that you have to thank and thank and thank people, but just show that you are thankful, it's nice.

3. I have also been loving TV Series', AHS, Broadchurch, even Sex And The City has made a comeback! any suggestions anyone?

I hope you didn't mind my little random post, I have enjoyed writing exactly what is on my mind right now without a plan, something different I suppose. Thanks so much for reading and being lovely, 
Carris xx

Friday, 16 January 2015

Beauty Wishlist!

Hey everyone! So this is a bit of a bonus post for you all today as usually I only post on Sundays, but don't worry, you will still get your Sunday post! Anyway, this is what i've been lusting over for the past month or so...isn't it all so beautiful?! I will hopefully be investing in a few of these products tomorrow whilst shopping but I don't know if I can justify the price of some of them...But hey, a girl can dream!

1. Zoeva Rose Gold Collection: Oh my, isn't rose gold just to die for? I am so in love with all things rose gold, and if you don't already know, I am super addicted to make up brushes, so these are just perfect for me, and I so want them! I've come very close to buying them many times but with them retailing at 65 Euro (without p&p AND in GBP) I have just never really felt like I can splash out on these, especially as I don't actually need them, but i'm hoping that some day these will be sitting in a lovely little pot on my dressing table..please..

2. Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfecter Hair oil: Wow, that was a mouthful! I've heard so much good feedback about this product repairing split ends, and as i've recently had my hair cut, I want to keep it neat.This product retails at £9.99, which sounds expensive for high street but for a 150ml decent product that works as a heat protectant too, I think its reasonable.

3.Victoria Secret Body Mist: particularly 'Love Spell' This peach and white jasmine scent is my all time favourite, and is a beautiful sweet smell that EVERYONE seems to love! I'm pretty sure it retails in the UK at around £12, but the VS near me sells them for 5 for £30, so clearly I can't just get one! <3

4. NARS sheer glow foundation: Pretty sure my colour is 'Santa Fe', I've heard so much about this but I'm just not wearing foundation enough to splash out around £30 for this! I currently use The Bodyshop BB cream, but when I do run out of my foundation, I might have to invest in this.

5. The Bodyshop Honeycomb Bronzer: Honestly, this picture does this product no justice, its a gorgeously pigmented bronzer, not completely matt but could be used to contour as it barely has any shimmer. I think its retailing in the UK at £13, which isn't bad value if you see it, it's not orange undertoned so shade 02 looks beautiful on pale skin, After seeing it on my friend I simply must have it!

So that concludes my wishlist! Tell me whats on yours? Thanks for reading, 
Carris xx

Monday, 5 January 2015

Make 2015 Your Year!

For those super observant readers out there, you may have noticed that I didn't post yesterday,(hence today's post), I did have this post planned but I actually got distracted editing the appearance of my blog,- as you can see, I didn't get very far! I have changed a few little things and it will be a work in progress but for any fellow bloggers out there, do you have any suggestions of how to make my blog more professional? photography especially, I am not content with my photography in the slightest. Ideas please?!

Moving swiftly on, just a short one for you all today, and this post is kind of about my personal goal, which I think could be adapted to fit anyone.

Towards the end of 2014, I decided that I'd had enough of turning opportunities down, though I was not a very confident person and stepping outside my comfort zone was not appealing to me. A summer programme in 'NCS with The Challenge' came up and even though all my friends took part, I turned it away. WRONG MOVE. Luckily for me I was given the chance to take part in NCS' autumn programme, which was much shorter,
so I just said 'yes'.

Honestly, I do wish I'd done the summer scheme because it was so much longer, but just in my week taking part I gained so much as a person, I am much more confident in public speaking, a skill that will really benefit me in the future, so I urge you, if the chance happens to come up for you to take part in NCS, please JUST SAY YES!
You can thank me later!

I have decided to make 2015 my year, starting with a big opportunity that I have accepted for this February, I am going to do work experience in Spain for a week and a half. (I do study Spanish by the way, i'm not that spontaneous) but my point is, that if I can say yes to this, I think you too can accept some opportunities! 

I'm really looking forward to sharing my exciting experiences this year through this blog, starting with my trip to Spain! This is a new year, full of new chances, you just have to push yourself!

Happy New Year!!

Carris x