Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Segovia 2015

Waheeyyy I'm back!! hope you're all well. In case you're new around here, I have been away for eight days on work experience in Spain with the company 'Halsbury Travel' and honestly it was such a good experience. I study Spanish A level so this was a great opportunity to practice and improve my language since the locals don't really speak English. I've loved my time there, my work placement was in a nursery just up the road from the hotel and I enjoyed celebrating the 'Carnaval' time with the children very much- In Spain, the carnival goes on for days and everyone gets dressed up, its great fun! Anyway I just wanted to show you some photos from the trip, Segovia is a very beautiful place.

La Catedral - Plaza Mayor

I don't actually know where this was, but a little church

El Aqueducto de Segovia

This is a photo of our group outside the castle 'Alcazar de Segovia'. This is actually the real castle that the Disney castle is based on, you can see the resemblance however its clearer from the other side, -look it up! very pretty!

Thanks for reading Lovelies, post again soon :)
Carris xx

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Collective haul for Spain! :)

Hello February, and what a successful shopping trip to start the month off! This haul is a bit of a mix, some things I've been meaning to pick up for a while now, and some things were spur of the moment but I needed some more clothes to take with me on my Spanish work experience and also a few little bits for hand luggage. On that note, next week I will be away, so unless I can find the time in the week to schedule a post, I'm not sure that there will be one. I will do my best all the same :). I hope you enjoy seeing my purchases, let me know what you think about them!

1. Newlook

1. Dark Blue Jeggings
I love these things, I have another pair and they are a great investment, -they look exactly like jeans because the material is so thick, but they are so much more comfortable, I think these were such good value for money at just £15.00!

2. Navy Trousers
I picked these up in the sale for just £8 and I love them, the belt that came with them has a gorgeous gold belt and I love the slim fit of these trousers, definitely a steal at that price!

3. Navy and White Stripe Jumper
This really looks like nothing off but with jeans or the navy trousers it looked really nice, -quite 60's ish, £15.00 I think is reasonable for this, But there is a nice blue turtle neck in newlook that I really think I should have bought, -maybe I'll buy it online.


1. Black Brogue Style Shoe
I love these! I wanted some little brown brogues for a long time now, but when I saw these, I knew I wanted them. They are a simple lace up shoe with a little bit of a point and a brown sole, not quite a brogue really, and at £24.99 I think these will be well loved as all I have been wearing recently is boots!


1. Black Handbag
I have to say, this isn't my favourite purchase but at just £10.00 I decided it will do for now. I'm thinking of using this for hand luggage because it's actually fairly big, but I'm not sure yet.

2. 3 Pairs Shoe Liners
£2.00, Adorable huh? I just thought these might look cute with the shoes, don't you agree?

3. Pink Cosmetics Bag
This bag is exactly what I was looking for! It can be quite hard to find the right sized travel make up bag but this is the one for me, at just £3.00 I had no doubts.

4/5. Mini travel sized products
Hand sanitizer- 60p, Simple Facial Wash- £1

As you can see in the top photo, I also purchased a copy of 'Love, Tanya' by Tanya Burr from Waterstones for £10, I've already had a flick through and I really like it, Its exactly my kind of book, the type of book that you can always have a flick through and refer back to whether it be hairstyles, make up tips, health and fitness, I just really like this book, well done, Tan! Thanks for reading, Hope January has treated you well!

Carris x