Sunday, 17 May 2015

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Review

Oh my gosh I am so in love with these brushes! I received them as a birthday present on Thursday and just had to share them with you! I know there are already so many reviews out there and I'd  be surprised if you haven't heard of them but I just wanted to share with you why I love them, so here goes!

Rose Golden Luxury Set-€58
The set includes 8 beautiful rose gold coloured 
brushes and a matching travel bag, so not a bad price.  I expected to like the brushes as I've heard so many people talk about them, and I love them! The brushes are a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres and this makes them super soft and also allows fast drying time after they've been washed. I love using the buffing brush with a light foundation that is very liquidy as it is very dense, I didn't get on with it with my NARS, - I think the formula was too thick.

My favourites from the set are the Luxe Soft Definer and the Luxe Petit Crease, they're so fluffy and amazing at blending, I actually prefer them to real techniques! I also love the face shape brush for cream blushes but they're all gorgeous! The only thing that I think this set is missing is a good bronzer brush, there isn't really any that appeal to me to use with bronzer, however other than that they're lovely, and If you are considering investing I would recommend them as I think this set has a good selection of brushes,
 What brushes do you use? 
Carris x


  1. ahh they look amazing! I wish I had some high quality brushes but then again I´m not very responsible.... I´m too lazy to clean mine and last week I accidently threw one in the toilette.:/

    1. Ahh haha, we all get lazy sometimes :') x

  2. happy birthdayy xx
    those brushes look amazing

  3. Happy b-day doll!!!
    I love this brush set!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  4. Looks nice, I need new brushes. Happy Birthday!

    xx Falasha

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  5. Wow these are gorgeous !! So wish I could afford them lol


    1. Haha, they are expensive, i've waited ages for them! xx

  6. They looks so good, not cheap though, but I guess the good one can last so long :)

    1. Yeah, seem pretty pricey but they say you get what you pay for :) xx


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