Thursday, 10 September 2015

Reparing your locks with Sulfate free Shampoo

Welcome back to my blog!
 I'm ready to be more active again after a long summer of weddings, holidays and fun!  Now that summer is ending and my hair is suffering from all the chlorine, sun and sea salt, I wanted to share something that has been really effective in restoring it back to its original condition, -maybe even better!

Are you struggling to repair your dry and damaged locks? As you fellow curly girls may or may not know, it is recommended that we use Shampoo that is 'Sulfate free', however Sulfate free products are also a good option for those of us with thin or coloured hair. 

If you don't already know, Sulfate is a type of detergent that can also be found in soaps and toothpastes, and is renound for making hair weak and brittle, along with fading hair dye faster. Using a Sulfate free shampoo is less harmful to your scalp, reducing irritation, and also increases moisture retention in the hair, reducing dryness and my curly girls i'm sure you'll agree that we need all the moisture that we can get!

I've been using the OGX nourishing coconut milk shampoo and conditioner and have found it to be exactly what it says on the tin, I will be sticking with this product for good now!
The shampoo contains egg white proteins, adding nourishment, shine and volume to your hair. It also contains coconut oils and coconut milk for hydration and balance and I can honestly say that my curls feel much more hydrated and nourished, with significantly less frizz. The products also work well when using heat, adding a healthy shine to my hair when straightened.

The reason that I opted for this product was the availability and price, I picked them up for £6.99 each in boots for 385ml which is quite large, I would say they are definitely good value and you should all go and see what difference a sulfate free product will make to your hair. 
Have you ever tried sulfate free?

Carris xx